Heroism in/with Corporate World..

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Well, it is a sort of continuation for where I stopped last time.

Am so much thankful to my first co. even though they din pay me well, They gave me a break. After all its corporate World, “Love your Job, Not your Company”. So did I, stopped loving them. But never did I thought that they will even freeze my Salary Bank acc., as I was to serve Notice Period, “Arey baayi, but am not interested even in getting either a relieving letter or Experience  cert.  @#$*&(^%!!”

My December month salary got freezed in CORPORATION BANK, M G Road, Bangalore.

As per the law, they don’t even have the rights to do so. But…


I went and met Branch Manager, He was so rude to me. He was not even ready to explain the reason.  &^%$(*@…

Ombudsman, Reserve Bank of India – Are you aware of this? Even not me, at that time.

Just went into their site, logged in my complaint with all details..

2-3 days passed, There comes the mail from CORPORATION @#$%*&^%….

I rushed to the Bank, Manager was out of station, I was to Wait for him.

There he comes, “Yes, How can I help you?”

Sir, I am Tharheeb.

“Oh, How are you? When did you come? Come, Sit down.”

Thank you, sir. So, what more should I do?

“Hey, that day, I just asked you to change your acc. from salary to personal, You din even wait and rushed out, am really sorry, Now you should have not gone upto ombudsman, (with a f***ing smile). Now, you please write a letter stating that, I, Tharheeb, got my acc. defreezed and now can have transactions with Corporation bank so and so…”

Asshole was drenching in sweat. Well, I too din play more, just wrote that letter with a sign and asked him to get me money and I ll hand over the letter.

For first time, I saw Manager of a Bank, going to Cash counter, withdraw money for his customer, PROUD enough…

It all happened in 30+ mins of time.

30+ mins of Heroism……..


1 year of Corporate Life

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Virginity has got different perceptions, some enjoy losing it, a few are so sad that they lost it.

Virginity – yeah, I too lost it an year before and happy for that.

It was exactly 1 year before, Nov 25 2009, I lost it when I joined Brigade Enterprise ltd, Bangalore as Marketing Management Trainee. Till that, I was in full rush to lose it. Its really hard to lose.

Days with real estate business sucked blood out of me. sat and sun in office. but my first corporate colleague, Mr. Habib made it a lil easy. Ride with Monisha ma’m to Home, awesome lunch at cafeteria (I mean it), som of plus points. Days became more horrible, when they shifted me from head office to one of their projects. All alone, watching bricks nd cements getting constructed..


Dec 10th, got call from TouchWeb, never even had a wild guess, its going to turn my life….

[to be continued……]

Nerds Big House – Welcome

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Innovations are the success story of Nerds.
I too met some fabulous nerds, TouchWeb. Last one year of life with these Nerds, taught me the real meaning of Innovation.

What is Innovation?

Failures are foot steps to success, and Lucky are those who have climbed only a few steps, but Luckiest are those who have climbed more.
But did anybody notice that these failures can also be a Success later, and now the INNOVATORS are those who find success in Failures.

iPhone, the new trend of the world is fast growing. PaperNow, an app for iPhone by TouchWeb changed the style of newspapers. It was only a beginning for Innovations.

As the countdown for Christmas as well as New year has started, here they are again with a stunning application for iPhones, animated greeting cards. WOW!!
Pictures speak more than words, But Is there anything that speaks more than Pictures?
Yeah, Animation, and here it is.

All from North Pole with Christmas Wishes

Midnight to Next Year, 2011

Even a second counts, Be a Nerd to get alerted with Launch of application before its too late to register.