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Its festive time again… Christmas, New Year, Wishes, Gifts, Holidays, Party time, Fun etc etc….

But there are still some memories or happenings, which prevent you from celebrations. After all, We are all Humans…

Cheer up, coz I am going to share some bitter truths which will surely take you down, So be in a higher gear of happiness, so that you have some lower gears to pull down….

TIME, yes it is precious.. Coz as per What Barack Obama said, “Believe in CHANGE” and main factor for CHANGE is Time.. What all Time din’t get you?? Obviously, it is out of control. But Change, is that too out of control??

Change, obviously a Good Change or a Bad Change..  Now the Question comes.. How do they have a CHANGE with time??

Let us take our own example from the day, we can recall ourselves. I believe, everyone do remembers SCHOOL DAYS…. What where we?? Fighting for Pencils, for front seat in Bus/classroom, for chocolates… Wasn’t that so good???

Ok, now I put all in a 1 word, starting from our School days to Present world.

Fighting for Sweets in Lower class – Fighting for not saving a Goal in Soccer in High Schools – Fighting for a bucket in college days.

Sharing a seat in 3-seater Auto – Sharing money for movie tickets – Sharing a bed to lay on…

But now??? Where to go in search of Sharing Happiness?? Silly Fights of No big reasons????

All our minds are rotten with bloody Bull Shit EGO!!!!  After all Who We think We are???

Some feel like to be on top of the world, Some feels lucky enough to achieve something, that no others can achieve that easily. EGO that am senior/elder/prior to him… WTF???

Now this is how I appreciate Barack Obama..

Rather than a message, I feel like it was a WARNING by Barack Obama, “Believe in Change”.

Now for this Christmas and New Year, where we take Resolutions (Resolutions are meant to be broken????), I want YOU to take one small determination, that You should be more polite and loving to Everyone, especially to those who all are below your own perceived status line!!!

(Dedicated to all who DON’T know the essence of Maintaining the RELATIONs)