TOP 4 ads for the month of March 2011 (purely Personal)!!!

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

(purely personal – comments will be appreciated)

20 years ago, we had only 1 channel, and hardly 3-4 good prorammes to watch!!!

Now, We got more than 100s of channels, still hardly 3-4 good programmes to watch!!!

Now thats the real Statistic!!! All in the mean time, Ads running along with them did had a very good improvements..

Lemme take your time, I bet you will enjoy following 4 ads*!!

* – Watch FULL VIDEO, to njy nd feel the essence od AD!!

4.IPL 2011

Ab Susheela ki Jawani bi Nahi chalega, kyunki BHARATH BAND starts from April 8th!!


3.Vodafone 3G

Zoozoo is Back in style, Watch the related videos too.. Loads of FUN!!!

2.Amul Macho

Now this AD shows HOW ADs should be… Awesome Work by SAIF


As usual, Fevicol did had the message, STRONG BOND!!!


NOW thats what I felt like BEST!!! Make me more HAPPY with your comments!!!!



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