I fly!!

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Feb 26 3:32:09PM

It was all of a sudden, J E R O M was calling,  “SASI, Adventure campaign going on at Muzhapilangaad Beach” …

Me: “Sexy, when can we start?”

J: “Wait, lemme call JAVED and confirm as he got a car… ;)”

Me: “lovely, do it fast”

J:”SASI, but the campaign is to hit Muzhapilangaad by March 1st, we ll go the second day.. I ll let you know”

2nd Mar 10:08:45AM

calling…. J E R O M

Me: “SASI, whats the plan??”

J: “Will start at 3pm, be ready”

Me: “Wokay, DONE!!”


Ding Dong…

J E R O M, with ISI Marked Helmet in his Hand, and 150cc Pulsar parked aside standing with BATA chappels on his foot!!!!

All set, nd J E R O M started flying the Pulsar at 32kmph through so called NH17…..

V R O o O o o O O.. M !!!!!!!!!! Destination: Javed Home…

Reached destination worth 6KM in less than 10 mins.. J E R O M, he did it….  :p

Next destination: Muzhapilangaad DRIVE in Beach.. Dist: 12Kms Vehicle: WAGON R!!!

BTW, one more guy joined Us, sorry dat I don remember his name  :D!!!

[a small TIME GAP]


loc: Muzhapilangaad DRIVE in Beach Entrance…

Wagon R just failed to overpass the muddy entrance, f***, we are stuck!!!!

Not only in films, you find some good gangs to help out…

2 mins it tuk, JAVED just changed the gear, accelerate, 6 – 7 forces on Wagon-R to a particular direction and we just digged it out!!! Force is really a f***ing VECTOR quantity.. lol!!!!

Rushed to one end of Beach… Yeah, we found it… But “NOTHING HAPPENINGS”

FLASH NEWS: We will have to stop Adventurous activity as it seems to be DANGER!!!   #WTF

Safeguard with a green costume…

J, “So sad, Whats happening?”

Security, ” It was going good during morning.. No big Queue, we were enjoyin the parasailing again and again as it is FREE of COST!!!”

J, “FREE???? (WT*), we missed it….”

W A I T !!! W A I T !!!!!

They are going to restart, will be issuing pass for 2 more.. But we are 4.. again W*F!!!!

We rushed to the counter, asked for 2, but.. Where the f*** did that a**hole come from???

NOW, We gotta adjust with 1 pass and 4 guys!!! again #WTF

and Unfortunately, I was the LUCKY GUY!!! 😀

and rest……….


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